Smart City Mobile App

Done in: 2013 / Task: Startup idea & Mobile Design & Mobile Development

What the client needed

Living in a big city is tricky. There are often so many problems to face! We were looking to make life in cities easier and simpler.

Our solution

The idea was to put the city in the hands of the citizen. We created an app whereby people from different cities in the world could report the usual city problems, like holes in the street, uncollected rubbish, broken traffic lights, etc. They could take a photo of the issue, including the geo-localization, and the photos were saved in the cloud, feeding a real time dashboard used for different cities. The App was a huge success, with big media coverage and won the WSA Mobile Brazil prize in 2016.


Users in 2 years

Additional Project Info

The initial idea came from a real world problem: a friend of one of our colleagues struggling to report an abandoned car in his street.


Total reports collected in 2 years