What the client needed

For the launch of the new GE Vscan in Brazil, the client needed an integrated campaign to generate leads and increase product revenue.

Our solution

Our first solution was to create a landing page: a one page website where, in just a few seconds, the clients could learn about the product as well as see it in action. We tracked all links in the landing page in order to have detailed information regarding user behaviour and user journey.

Our second solution was to set up a digital campaign covering the main ad networks (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and others). We created high quality, creative ads and bold + direct text ads. During the campaigns, we consistently refined and tracked results in order to further improve the click-rate and conversion.


Revenue generated after 5 months of campaign

Additional Project Info

Due to the technical limitations of the client CMS system, we had to  develop an independent landing page to allow for conversion tracking and user behaviour study.


Creatives Created in 6 months