What the client needed

Our client, an architecture studio, needed a new way to pre-visualise and approve the Apple Store construction project in the UK.

Our solution

To model and develop the Apple Store project in 3D/virtual reality. We modelled all buildings (inside and out), and developed a virtual reality solution to enable the client to visualise it in virtual reality headsets. The VR scene had hotspots that made the client able to navigate inside the area and see it from different points of view. This project was built on three.js and Aframe.

Click here to visualise it in your web browser:

Using Cardboard or GearVR, look at the blue dots to walk, or the keys ASDW to walk and strafe.


Days of project

Additional Project Info

A mobile phone can also be used to navigate in the scene, allowing greater accessibility beyond those with access to the use of a VR headset.


Versions delivered before the approved one.